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We care about our Natural Resources. No animals kept in captivity, we take you see real natural habitats of the species respecting the enviroment.

We want to transmit love for local traditions, food, and wildlife, always with confortables A/C vans with water and snaks, private licensed driver and carismatic knowledgeable and professional private tour guide in a family or friendly atmosphere.

 Organization and Payment

 We need 48 hours to organize tours

A small non refundable PayPal deposit is requires (10-20% of total price) to secure your booking.

Final Payment is only in cash the day of your pick-up, your private guide will recibe it before to leave the lobby.

The price per person drops when there are more guests in your group. That is because we have fixed costs to pay: transportation, driver, guides, reservations, etc. Kids  prices remain the same. If you are a bigger group more then 12 people, email us for a quote as you will need 2 or more vans. You will be notified by email of the final payment along with the requested tour date and other important information for your tour once your tour space has been confirmed. Any changes in already booked tours must be notified with 24 hours in advance.
If any Tour is delayed due to weather conditions or other, it will be rescheduled when conditions improve. Otherwise the amount paid will be refunded. (100%)
The date for your final payment will always be at morning of pick-up. Full payment is made in cash only in USD or Mexican Pesos or Euro. We will use the current exchange rate.
Healt RequirementsYou must be in suitable physical and mental health to travel depending on the activities of the chosen trip. Any physical condition, diet, or treatment requiring special attention must be reported in writing when the reservation is made. You must be able to participate in the activities on the itinerary of the tour that you are booking or rest in a shaded area while others perform the activities.
Levels of activity:
Active: Significant rural up and down walking, possible hikes of about an hour (Archaeological Sites). Snorkel requires average fitness level and it is considered continuously active, also for

hiking/biking/canoe/swimming/cave exploration/long time sailing/ecc...


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold responsibility Explora Mexico Riviera Maya from any unauthorized use you make of the equipment and facilities. You accept that failure to follow the procedures may cause irreparable damage to Explora Mexico Riviera Maya. In the case of unauthorized use of the equipment and facilities, Explora Mexico Riviera Maya shall be entitled to an injunction in addition to any other remedies available at law or in equity.



Termini e Condizioni


Terminos y Condiciones



Usted acepta indemnizar, defender y eximir de responsabilidad a 

Freelance Scuba Service de cualquier y todo uso no autorizado que usted haga del los equipos e instalaciones. Acepta que de no seguir los procedimientos indicados puede causar daño irreparable a Freelance Scuba Service y en el caso de uso no autorizado, 

Freelance Scuba Service tendra derecho a un mandato judicial, ademas de cualquier otro recurso disponible en derecho o en equidad.