In the Riviera Maya, there are hundreds of "cenotes" you can visit.   

Remember, you can customize your adventure with us! 


"Caves and Cenotes" 

A special tour to discover the magic

Mayan Riviera 's Caves and Cenotes.

We will visit  2 nature's wonders in one day.


Sac Actun is a semi-open cave. You will have one hour of snorkeling in crystal clear water which looks into the entrances of the underwater caves. 



Chikin Ha is an Eco park with (2) semi-open cenotes. One open cenote allows more snorkeling time. The other has a zipline for bravest! (not mandatory)


We end the day in my favorite place...


Rio Escondido is a "secret cave with a secret cenote." We will walk though the cave, into the underground river (shallow water), then go inside the heart of the Mayan Riviera until we arrive at the secret cenote.


Cenote & cave adventure  Price per person

2 people $ 4300 Mexican pesos/person
3 people $ 3700 Mexican pesos/person 
4 people $ 3400 Mexican pesos/person
5 people $ 3100 Mexican pesos/person
6 people $ 2900 Mexican pesos/person
7 people $ 2700 Mexican pesos/person
8 people $ 2500 Mexican pesos/person
9 people $ 2400 Mexican pesos/person
10 people $ 2300 Mexican pesos/person

Would you like to snorkel in an open cenote and spend free time on the beach?

We can visit Casa Cenote also called Cenote Manati, a beautiful cenote connected to the Caribbean sea near Tulum.

Would you like snorkeling in crystal clear water and fly above the cenotes on a zipline? 

We can visit Cenote Chikin Ha!

(Maya Purification Ceremony, only if requested)


Would you like to explore a cave and snorkel in a underground river with crystal clear water?

We can visit Cenote Sac Actun!


Are you brave enough to spend (2) hours underground, walking and swimming, in one of the most beautiful caves of Riviera Maya?

Let' s go to my "special cave", 



We offer many different excursions in order for you to experience the best Cenote Adventure.

In the Mayan Riviera, there are many amazing and different type of cenotes. You can snorkel, explore underground caves, swim in undergrounds rivers, and spend a nice time in nature.

Ask now for more information about your "Private Cenote Adventure Tour".

 Always with a private, multi-language, and professional guide and driver.

We offer a private, air conditioned van for your transportation.  


You can discover incredible places near to Playa del Carmen.



A "cenote" is a natural sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath found especially within the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings.

The term "cenote " is derived from the word — "ts'onot"— used by the low-land Yucatec Mayans  to refer to any location with accessible groundwater. Cenotes are formed by dissolution of rock and the resulting subsurface void, which may or may not be linked to an active cave system and the subsequent structural collapse. Rocks that fall into the water below are slowly removed by further dissolution which creates space for more collapsed rocks. The rate of collapse increases during periods when the water table is below the ceiling of the void, since the rock ceiling is no longer buoyantly supported by the water in the void.


Cenotes may fully collapse creating an open water pool or partially collapse with some portion of a rock overhanging above the water. The stereotypical cenote often resemble small circular ponds, measuring tens of meters in diameter with sheer drops at the edges. Most cenotes, however, require some degree of stooping or crawling to gain access to the water.