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February 9 - 2018

I want to start with a big thanks to "T." family to contact me for the 3rd time and join with theyr friends  an Isla Mujeres Private Boat Tour .  The first and 2nd time they came, we swimm with whaleshark, we visit cenotes and caves....a lot of adrenaline...this time we are looking for relax and good food! GREAT!

Our Capitan docks in Punta Sam where also the ferry docks. 

Just a curiosity about Punta Sam,

 Sam means in spanish Sistema de Arrecife Mesoamericano or Mesoamerican Reef Sistem in english.

The ocean today was not very flat and we saw some black clouds coming to the island but we must be positive...always!!

We start sailing from Cancun to Playa Norte (North Beach) and the wind was warm and nice...

We start the day enjoing the empty beach. We took some nice pictures in shallow water and mis amigos get some beers.

This is not a a corner of paradise.

TripAdvisor put Playa Norte in the top 10 most beautiful beachs in the world.

We spend like a 25 minutes on the beach but starts to rain. I was on board taking drinks for my friends on the beach when start raining. I see them coming to the boat...just 3 of them...the other 8 was sitting on the beach waiting for the storm...yes, rain becomes a small tropical storm.... 

When they arrive to the boat i was warried the day should over but smiling i ask if they want to go snorkeling before the storm get to the reef, and they said we just want help you with the beers.

We get back to the beach to give beers to the others and looking the storm. then the storm  calm again and the warm wind push the rain to Cancun giving us a sunny day! Very sunny!

The sun come back, we already spend 45 minutes on the beach, every body want to snorkel so, vamonos!

We had great time snorkeling. Water was warm and very clean after the

There was corrent but the corrent push us in the right direction so we just need to float.

We snorkel in Farito Reef, in a protected area and we can see soo many fishes. Most of fishes are barracudas, angel fish, parrot fish but specially sergeant major fish!

This is the seargent fish (abudefduf sexatilis). Is a species of damselfish. 

After the snorkel activity it was 12 am, time for lunch and we dock in the main beach just in fron of one of the best restaurants in town!

After lunch the guys wants relax and drink some coktail on the beach and ladies decide it was time for shopping. We visit Isla Mujeres down town we stop in few many shops and the ladies buy some funny souvenirs, some mojitos and i had a great ice cream. Time for the way back!

This is the end of the day. We had a very good day. It was great see you again amigos and it was a pleasure tour with you and your friends. Thank you for spend a day of your holidays with me!


 This is my VFBlog #2 i hope you like it. I will be back soon with more adventures. Please share, like, subscribe, follow me and book your private adventure tour with:



Genuary 2018.

Few friend and I decided to live a fantastic Maya Experience.

We all live in Playa del Carmen and we decided to visit Calakmul in Campeche.

As you can see, Calakmul is not just behind the corner.

We need at least 2 night 3 days to make a great expedition and try to see more different places as possible.

Telling you the truth, Carlos (my righthand and driver) and I, we already visit Calakmul 2 times with a very expert local guide, KIKE.

Kike told us was just a young child when he visited Calakmul the first time with his father who was guiding the Archeologist who study the place 30 years ago...that was incredible for me, but KIKE show us his real good preparation during the tour and you know what? I found his phone number in the wall of the hotel where we sleep douring the!!...

Any way for the rest of the guys was the first time....let me introduce you the Calakmul Explorers Gang!

With Kike we are 6 in total...

Behind me

Rino and Kay, Gc behind kike, Carlos and the other!!

(we are on the top of he higher building in Calakmul just 35 km from Guatemala border high!

Ok then this is the programm of the expedition based on my experience and looks like all the gang agree.....

DAY #1

Starting very early from PlayadelCarmen, exactly at lunch time to make our 1st stop in a nice taco shop just outside PlayadelCarmen

Now we are ready to start the expedition to Calakmul.

Next stop will be this evenig at Xpujil city ( 5 hours driving) in our favourite hotel.

Nice and confortables rooms with parking for our van! 

DAY #2

Wake up at 5.00 am

This is very early!!

We will leave the hotel at 5.45 am

I bring my own italian cofee machine and that was a great idea!

The night before we just stop to buy something to eat and called Kike.

All is ready for the expedition.

Calakmul we are arriving!!

From our hotel in Xpujil we must drive 2 hours to arrive at the entrance of Calakmul ruins...let's go!

We would like to arrive at 8.00 am to be the firsts.....and we did it!

This is  the reason why we would like to be the crowd, no people around, just us to make this great video...enjoy it...

Long version 2:25 min

Short version 55 sec

Any way this is the 3 time i visit that place and is not very comercialized yet. 

calakmul recibe propably just few hundreds visitors during the day and the place is very big and just a small area has been discovered...there are so much history hidden under the ground...we spend 5 hours to visit Calakmul and listen kike stories...that guide is very professional and friendly... Enjoy next pics on the top of the 2 highest temples in Calakmul and more...

kike was so entreteining we spend 5 hours walking, climbing. We find monkeys and we learn so much about the area.

When we was out it was aroun 1 pm we eat a sandwich and we was ready for more.... BECAN Maya ruins

Becan are the Maya ruins closer to Calakmul, in the way back to go to Xpujil.

Our guide Kike lives in Nuevo Becan (as new Becan) a small village.

Going to the ruins Kike show us his house and said: i can see Becan Temple from my window..WHAT??WOW..!

As you can see in the picture Becan is surrounded by a water channel...

In that area of Mexico, today like thousands years ago there is not so much water as in Riviera Maya. At least 6 months of 12 with no rain and there are no rivers or ubderground rivers like in the Riviera Maya. Farmers today (like the Mayan in the past) use the "aguadas" and the "choltunes" to collect water for fields and theirself. The aguadas are open spaces in the ground where rain water is collect and the water does not filter underground but only during the day becouse the sun evaporation.

The aguadas are also used by wild animals to drink.

The "choltunes" was used by the old Maya to collect rain water iside the cities, today local people use the "tinaco". Tinaco is just a roof cistern to collect the public water or also rain water.


The picture upstair represent a Maya choltun used  to collect rain water in the old Maya cities. Picture in left side is a modern tinaco / cistern to collect water in the houses of every one.

Becan was very interesting thanks to all the explanations of our guide kike.

Without him it would not have been the same. Hire a good guide during your tour will make a great difference... belive me...!!

Becan' s bigger temple

More pictures of Becan

DAY #3

Third day means the excursion is finish...what? Not yet! We do not need to be back home early! There is so many things to discover yet...!!

Just 5 minutes from our hotel in Xpujil city there is the Xpujil Maya Ruins.

There are just 3 structures discovered and one of those is super amazing...

yes just in front of our hotel... we sleept until 7 am.

We arrive in Xpujil Maya ruins at 8.00 am when archeological sites open to the public.

Xpujil means cat tail

As i told you Xpujil Maya Ruins is not too big. You can climb the temple but after 20 minutes that is all....we really miss Kike...we feel the difference...a good guide make the difference!

Is very early... time for more coffe and we have more Maya Ruins to see.

Last time with Carlos we visited Kohunlich where there are big mayan masks very well conserved. Masks of the kings of Kohunlich who ruled during the centuries.


This trip we all decided to visit 2 nearest Maya ruins on the way back to Playa del Carmen.

Just at the border with Campeche state but again in Quintana Roo we visit 

Dzibanche Mayan ruins and Kinichna Maya ruins.

Kinichna just one very big temple

and we climb it

Dzibanche' a small area discovered with 2 very big temples and more

Ok, ok, ok, is lunch time and we all are hungry... let 's go back to the civilization, looks like all the gang got enough pictures and videos about Maya ruins. Visiting those 3 Maya cities (Xpujil, Kinichna and Dzibanche) today in just few minutes has been amazing a but too much short and fast trip and we do not apreciate it at 100%  specially becouse we really miss Kike 's histories... we really miss him today!

Playa del Carmen is too far yet. We decide to stop in Laguna de Bacalar (Bacalar Lagoon) to have lunch!

We arrived in Playa around 6 pm tired but very happy! Thanks friends 

to join this expedition!!


This is the end of the first expedition in 2018. Thank you for take the time to read my VFBlog #1 hope you like it. I will be back soon with more adventures. Please share, like, subscribe, follow me and book your private adventure tour with:

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